Triennial Torch Prayer - Praying in the Light

Holy Triune God, Source of all Light ~ radiate deep within us the longing to be Your light in this world. Send forth this torch, a sacrament of hope and praise, into the welcoming hands of Your Daughters, that all who give and receive its light might be transformed. Love's Flame, be with us, shining bright and wild into unknown reaches, inviting us in the way we should go. Bless the work of our hands ~ the preparation for these Triennial Days that Your splendor ~ sovereign and constant ~ may be unleashed for all the world to see. We pray especially for the health and safety of the Triennial Speakers, Rev. Andrew White and Rev. Becca Stevens.                                                       Amen.

The two on-going Triennial programs involve praying and walking. So, why not do both at the same time?  Click on the green road sign to read how. 



Torch of Christ Canticle


bear the

Torch of Love

and Grace.  Shining

the Light of Christ we

illuminate the path of Hope.  

Shining the Light of Christ we

become beacons of Truth.  Shining

the Light of Christ we radiate

Compassion.  Shining Christ

we show forth God's

Glory and advance 

His reign of Peace. 





May He who is risen with healing in His wings, Who brings light and life to all, Who was born that man no more die; Restore to you the joy of your salvation and sustain you with a willing spirit.              Amen.

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